Guangzhou sogo watch factory is located in baiyun district, guangzhou city, founded in 2005, is engaged in all kinds of watch factory design, production, manufacture, sales is equal to one professional watch production research and development company, the company currently has domestic business team, the foreign trade business team, the electricity business operation team, design team, administration department, production department, quality department, purchasing department and after-sales service, etc.

Sogo watch factory engaged in watch production and manufacturing for many years, has a deep experience and excellent quality, and can independently complete the case, watch strap, surface and other full set of processing lines. The company has established a complete set of perfect modern management system and management system so that the rapid growth of the capital operation of the company's products are in the country each city production and sales and due to. Product quality is excellent, timely delivery. By the majority of customers favor, but also exported to Europe and the United States and other regions.

Guangzhou sogo watch factory leading products for Rolex watches, Tissot watches, Patek Philippe watches, IWC watches, Omega watches, Cartier watches, Longin watches, including the pointer or and LCD or quartz watches, mechanical watches, quartz watches, smart watches, multi-function electronic movement and other products. In addition, we also for some well-known brand OEM and ODM production brand watches, to cooperate with customers to achieve product diversification strategy; Design and manufacture various kinds of advertising gift promotion watches, business conference commemorative watches and other related electronic watches for customers, to help them quickly improve the company's brand. Since 2014, the company has independently established the brand DiLin, which takes fashion and business leisure as its style and quickly occupies the major domestic online and offline markets.