Why watch processing in the dust-free workshop, how long is the custom production cycle?


As we all know, watches are very precise instruments, so the technical requirements for the production of watches are very high. So why must we choose to produce watches in a dust-free workshop? Let me share with you why.

The watches of our factory are certified by the national quality inspection, which is better than those factories without dust-free workshops in quality. They say: "watch if not in the dust-free workshop production, there will be a lot of dust and tiny things into watch or movement, can lead to watch the beautiful and walking, especially mechanical movement watches, if there is dirt walking into the watch will easily lead to watch is not accurate, so be sure to choose in dust-free workshop production watch." How long does it take to make a watch?

Mechanical watches, quartz watch, production cycle is long, because watches customized manufacturer for assembly watch technology demand is higher, the complex degree is high, need to work on the precision produce carefully, not a matter of careless, otherwise it will lead to product cannot achieve technology level, from research and development, production, testing, packaging to delivery, cycle probably needs about 35 days, All sorts of indicators are qualified to enter the market.

The length of the watch production cycle, for the market competitiveness is also an influence, and the length of the watch production cycle depends on the strength of the watch manufacturers. Watch manufacturers - we suggest that when choosing manufacturers to make customized watches, it is best to go to the manufacturer for a field visit, to understand the specific situation.

Well, the related problems of watch customization are here. If you need customized watches, but you do not know how to choose a watch manufacturer, you can contact us to give you the most intimate service and the most appropriate customized watch program.